Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions concerning estate sales , if you have a question that is not answered here feel free to contact us.

Please note, some of the most frequent questions we are asked do not concern estate sales.
What is an estate sale?
An estate sale, or tag sale, is an on site sale where all or most of the tangible items are sold. 

Do I have to sell everything at my sale?
No.  If you have treasured family heirlooms by all means keep them.
What are your credentials and qualifications?
Certifed by the National Society Of Antiques & Collectibles, Expert Speaker 10 20 30 Glass Society Guild, Expert Speaker National Estate Sale Conference 2008, Invitation Board Member NBES(youngest), Award 2015 Top 50 National Estate Sale Company,  Certified Jewelry Expert, 16 Years Experience Estate Sales.

Do I have to get a permit for the sale?
That would depend on your city ordinances.  If a permit is required one will be acquired for you.

What advertising do you utilize?
A combination of both print and the Internet.   We advertise on 5 different estate sale websites, as well as 10 different Facebook Pickers websites
What are your fields of expertise?
Native American, Asian, Antique Furniture, Weapons, Musical Instruments, Jewelry, Militaria, Books, Vintage Apparel, Antiquities, Vintage Hollywood, Vintage Disney

Can I be present while my sale is going on?
It's your home and you are more than welcome to pop in sporadically.  We do ask that you please allow us to do our job without interference.  We understand the sentimentality and emotional attachment to your items.  It is much better not to be present while your sale is being conducted.
Can I sell my pet at the estate sale?
Livestock yes.  If it is domestic house pet that needs a home we are partnered with several animal adoption agencies to ensure your critter finds a loving home.

Have you ever done estate sales for celebrities?

Are there any up front costs for your services?

What does it mean that you will do my sale anonymously?
To protect your privacy our professional staff does not release the identity of the family to the public.  Ask our staff for further details.

I have a sword owned by______(insert famous historical person here).  Can you help me sell it?
Short answer: Yes, providing that you have the proper provenance that proves it is authentic.  We can then direct you to the proper venue for the sale of this item.

I've heard that you help sell houses, is that true?
Yes.  An estate sale is a great way to have an open house.  If your property is for sale our staff will promote the location and can record names of interested parties for you.

Do you have references available for past sales you have done?
Yes.  We have excellent references available also feel free to view our Testimonials section of our website.
Have you ever done an estate sale at a haunted house?
We would first have to believe in ghosts.

Why can't I tell my neighbors I'm having a sale?
We prefer to keep it quiet because if they have advance notice of your upcoming sale they will have garage sales at the same time.   We are inviting our regular customers to come buy your items, not make your neighbors rich.  

What payment methods do you accept?
It is entirely up to you what you want us to accept. Generally cash, electronic payments and credit cards. 

Can I sell my car, boat, or airplane in the estate sale?
Yes, providing that you have the title legally and it is free of any liens.

Is there anything that I can't sell?
Items deemed by the state and federal government as illegal to own and illegal to sell.  Examples are prescription drugs, military grade ordinance(machine guns, flame throwers, artillery), and commercial medical equipment issued by hospice .

Who removes furniture or larger items from my sale once they have been bought?
Only the estate sale staff will handle the items to ensure your property is kept free of damage.
Do I have to provide anything for the sale?
No.  We provide all of the necessary and appropriate equipment

During my sale how many people do you allow in at a time?
It depends on the size of your property but generally no more than seven at a time.  The conduct of the sale is kept tightly controlled.

Can I sell fixtures in my property?
Yes.  If you have the new replacement we can also install it for you.

My mother passed away and I have four brothers, which of us do you need to talk to about our sale?
The executor of the estate is the only person legally who can make decisions.

My wife and I got divorced, can you still do our sale?
Yes.  Proceeds are then sent to your attorneys and split according to your decree of divorce.

Do you allow customers to use the restroom at your sales?
No.  Restrooms are not open to the public during the selling event.

What do I do with the items that don't sell?
While we strive to sell everything, the items that are left over are yours.  You can keep the remaining items, Alamo Aztek Estates can buy what's left, or you can donate to charity.  We are a full service estate sale company with options available from start to finish.

I'm facing a foreclosure and losing my house, can I still do an estate sale?
Yes, providing that it is done before the 30th day of your eviction notice.

My property is sold and I have to keep it clean, what do you do to keep it that way?
We provide boot covers and floor coverings to keep your property clean.

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