The Stress of Handling Your Own Estate Sale

Being that this is our very first blog, I wanted to write about one of the most common topics we are asked about each week.  Let me first make it clear that there are many reasons that people decide to have an estate sale.  Death is not the sole reason.   We have done estate sales for clients who are moving, divorce, and even some that just simply want new items.
Why don’t I handle it myself?
One word stress.  The stress of organizing the merchandise that is for sale, the stress of dealing with problematic customers, the stress of making sure the property is set up for safety, the stress of advertising  your sale, the stress of the memories with the items being sold that are your loved ones.  When you have no idea how to conduct an estate sale in the first place, it is an overwhelming task.  You don’t know where to start.  You don’t know how to stage to sell.  You might not be familiar with the proper way to clean up antiques.  You might not know how to properly advertise your sale on the internet so that it creates maximum exposure.  It’s not as easy as it looks.
Why let us do it?
Simple we do everything for you.  You don’t have to do a thing.  When you let a professional estate sale company handle your sale they are very experienced and familiar with the whole process.  The big picture is that you will make more money letting an estate sale company handle your sale.  An estate sale company like ourselves, will get more money for your items and are familiar with antiques and collectibles.  A professional organization like ourselves, can more easily spot hazards in a location that might cause potential accidents.  We also have a network of regular customers who buy specialty items in your sale, it’s easier for us to sell your item more quickly than  you can.  We are also very familiar with people and different personality types.  We have many years of experience dealing with problematic customers.
In the long run, you will sleep better at night when you let us handle your sale.  You don’t have to lift a finger, and you will be saving time, effort, energy and not to mention your sanity.  How can you put a price on that?
We welcome your calls and questions, we’re here for you.

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